Health Breakthroughs Make Ladies’ Lives Better

If you’ve ever had a broken wrist, you know what a nuisance it is to wear a cast–and have your hand out of commission–for six to eight weeks. Now, thanks to a new technology, that time could be reduced to only two to four weeks.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a cement that “glues” broken wrist bones together. The paste is injected into the fracture site and hardens within two minutes, stabilizing the bones. Over time, the body absorbs the cement and produces new bone. Best candidates: those who have what’s known as a simple wrist fracture, meaning the broken bone is still aligned and is not protruding through the skin.

Things are lookin' good.

Things are lookin’ good.

Though the FDA has given this product the go-ahead, it has instructed the manufacturer to do further testing. Longer-term studies are needed …

Defining Recycled Paper: Is It Clear?

drpicThe battle over how recycled paper is defined may determine the fate of community recycling programs.

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asked. In the realm of recycled paper, the simple answer may be confusion. From the terms “wastepaper” to “recovered paper” to the very definition of “consumer,” recycling terminology is being scrutinized and analyzed, molded and marketed, by both paper industry executives and environmentalists. And the results are likely to shape the direction of office and neighborhood recycling programs for years .

At the heart of the battle over standards for recycled paper is how much – if any – paper collected from consumers will be required in paper to call it “recycled.”

This postconsumer paper is the lifeblood of community recycling programs. The greater the demand by companies making recycled paper, the more postconsumer paper will be worth to …

San Diego Businesses Get Smart With SEO Companies

doosSearching for a strong SEO company in San Diego obviously will lead you to San Diego either online or in person. Whatever the approach, all you have to do is to begin the search. If you or your business is in and around San Diego, you would be better off looking for a local company so that you feel you can play a part in the whole SEO process. It makes it easier for close collaboration as well. While people can take advantage of the fact that almost everyone has access to the Internet and one is more likely to do any kind of searching on a tablet or a smart phone, one would still prefer to hire the services of a local SEO Company.

In reality, it is always easier to work with a local company even if you …

Incinerator Terminator?

itThe Waste Technologies Inc. (WTI) hazardous waste incinerator rises off the banks of the Ohio River, its bulky profile dominating the gray Ohio Valley skyline. The incinerator, built just 400 feet from houses and a quarter mile from an elementary school, has in some ways come to symbolize the administration’s tangled grappling with balancing environmental protection and economic recovery. Despite a string of campaign trail promises to stop the $160 million incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio from even conducting a test bum, the administration has done nothing to stop its operation, which began in March.

“We view this issue as a litmus test for the administration, a test that goes beyond environmental policy to the way it sets priorities for the nation itself,” says Terri Swearingen, who lives across the river from the incinerator and has helped lead a grassroots …

Native Groups Take On Mining Interests

nafacAfter a protracted battle against a uranium processing company, the activist group Native Americans for a Clean Environment (NACE) played an instrumental role in shutting down the eastern Oklahoma facility last November. Sequoyah Fuels, which processed uranium for bombs and nuclear reactors, had been cited for over 15,000 violations of state and federal law over its 21-year history. Among other irregularities, the company disposed of thousands of tons of toxic and radioactive waste by calling it fertilizer, and a number of frogs with extra legs (one had nine) have been spotted near the facility. The final straw came when Sequoyah Fuels had an accident releasing a large cloud of nitrogen dioxide that caused about 30 area residents to be hospitalized.

Sequoyah Fuels may have been the most harmful employer in Vian and nearby Tahlequah, Oklahoma, but it was also one …

Waste On Reservations? Just Say No!

worIn the last century, the U.S. Calvary deliberately gave Indians blankets infested with small pox. Today, the Department of Energy (DOE) is trying to foist off nuclear waste to reservations.

For Grace Thorpe, president of the National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans, little has changed in the intervening years. Thorpe first read in a newspaper about her tribe, Oklahoma’s Sac and Fox Nation, applying to DOE to consider her reservation for nuclear waste storage. After going door to door with petitions and bringing the issue to a tribal vote, Thorpe and other activists squelched plans to bring nuclear waste to her reservation.

Although Thorpe’s tribe elected not to accept nuclear waste, DOE is continuing to peddle its monitored retrievable storage (MRS) program to Native Americans, offering what could amount to millions of dollars in exchange for “temporary” storage of the …

US Energy Policy – Getting Better?

usepAttempting to assuage concerns of both the environmental community and the energy industry, the Clinton administration has proposed a mixed bag of an energy policy. Clinton’s “Vision of Change for America,” released following his State of the Union address in February, outlines a shift in emphasis away from oil, coal and nuclear power toward efficiency and renewable energy sources. But since February, Clinton’s clean energy strategy has been whittled away by compromises with powerful business interests.

President Clinton comes into office as U.S. energy policy stands on the threshold. This administration can permanently break from the wasteful, polluting policies of the past. The opportunity exists to reverse the costly policies of the last 12 years. Many important decisions are in the hands of the Clinton administration, dealing with everything from nuclear waste and power to energy taxation to implementation of …